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Keynote Panel: AI in Quantum Computing


The contribution to the panel discussion will be centered on the power of edge quantum processing with quantum networks working in tandem with AI methodologies. Applications to CO2-free hydrogen distributed, industrial-scale production will be addressed. Some fundamentals of quantum technologies will be described to provide the attendees both practical industry and interesting physics take-aways.
Who is this presentation for?
General audience with technology awareness
Prerequisite knowledge:

What you'll learn?
One will learn about quantum communication networks, on-site quantum technology potential and limitations, the interaction of AI and quantum processing, entanglement, coherence and new ways of thinking about information technology.


Dr. Papile leads BraneCell in unlocking the potential of Industry 4.0 and strategic USA/NATO applications through edge quantum processing and a compatible quantum repeater. Globally significant technologies he invented and/or developed include: the preferred industrial polycarbonate monomer catalyst material system (WO2018200278), renewable PVC (WO2017216272), sustainable ammonia technology (US 16/681,176), ultra-low-CO2 hydrogen production (US63016001), magnetically susceptible material processes (US 8549857), metal superoxide power (WO2008113061) for the circular economy, on-board fuel cell vehicle H2 producing materials (WO2000066487), industrial redox flow batteries, and the BraneCell granted and applied qubit material patents. He was part of the original management team that started-up of Epyx Fuel Cells, out of Arthur D. Little, Inc; and led the North American region in the start-up of Solvias, out of Novartis, for contract molecular R&D.. Quantum technologies, when properly implemented, will cold-reboot the world, energy, business and humanity. We are on the brink of a change in our conception of reality itself. All this has to be implemented with love and care. Our first target application for quantum technologies is real-time optimization of industrial-scale CO2-free hydrogen production. The foundation of how we know and the fabric of the known is undergoing metamorphosis, we pioneer that inner space exploration. Künstlicher Intelligenz und grundlegende Intelligenz