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AI, ML, Cloud for ML


The architecture of modern AI-powered search engine will be presented. We will describe key components from data acquisition to indexing to query understanding to ranking to user assistance and what AI/ML technologies are needed to build and evaluate them. We will present how to hire and manage search team to develop AI-powered consumer facing search engines
Who is this presentation for?
engineers and managers building search engines and teams to develop search engines
Prerequisite knowledge:
Basic Information Retrieval and MAchine LEarning
What you'll learn?
How to build domain specific search engines such as search engines for ecommerce, maps, media. What's a reference architecture, what open source solutions to use, what ML technologies will be required, how to hire and manage search team


As Vice President of Engineering at Zillow Group, Andrei leads the teams responsible for the company’s search and discovery engines, including search science, development, infrastructure, and operations. As part of this role, he heads Zillow Group’s conversational AI efforts, which consist of initiatives around natural language processing platforms, speech analytics, call center AI, and conversational interfaces, with the goal of improving Zillow’sbusiness and customer services using natural language processing and speech understanding.
Before joining Zillow in 2019, Andrei led search science teams within eBay and Walmart. Prior to Walmart, he worked at Google and Apple, serving as a core contributor to products like Google web search, Apple Maps, Apple’s AppStore, and iTunes search engines. He previously led engineering efforts for Recruit Holdings’ AI Lab. He sat on the advisory board of Ozlo, a Conversational AI startup acquired by
Facebook in 2017. 
Andrei earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science from The University of Manchester, United Kingdom and Master of Science Degree from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.