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The secret sauce (and ingredients) of becoming a well-rounded data scientist


One of the hardest part of becoming a well-rounded data scientist is to define the specific problem statements and understanding how to leverage programming skills to effectively address these questions.  In this session, we will have an interactive dialogue to discuss the importance of non-programming skills, the journey to hone in on building the capabilities, and provide real world examples to highlight the impact of effective data science outputs. We will cover: -Understanding what problems to solve -Apply problem solving skills vs. coding immediately -Analyzing/Interpretation/Presentation of output means
Who is this presentation for?
Business stakeholders, managers/Leaders of data analytics team
Prerequisite knowledge:
What you'll learn?
Discuss the importance of non-technical/programming skills Obtain insights and learn from participants on how to develop different knowledge/skill sets Network (with you) and build a support network to exchange lessons learned


Alice has a diverse and extensive experience in long-term strategy formulation, scenario planning, Operational program design and implementation. She started her management consulting career as a market researcher conducting market/industry research and data analysis for Life Science clients. Later part of her consulting career she spent designed and managed complex projects at both US and International level. Since 2006, Alice has been invited to numerous industry Life Sciences conferences, including Digital Pharma, KOL summit, Big Data/Advanced analytics/text analytics, and Innovation as a speaker, facilitator, and panelist to share best practices and innovative programs incorporating use of advanced technology, and analytic methodologies. Alice is also an advisory board member of the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI), advocating the practice of innovation and mentoring others who are interested in this discipline.