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Developing and implementing an effective patenting strategy


A properly constructed patent portfolio is a business asset that can function to increase or preserve corporate value. However, it takes planning and careful execution to create such a portfolio, and this involves both consideration of what innovations to protect and how best to protect those innovations.
Who is this presentation for?
founders, start-ups, incubators, investors
Prerequisite knowledge:
value of innovations, possible uses of patents
What you'll learn?
why having a properly constructed patent portfolio matters, how do begin and execute the process cost-effectively


Currently Partner with FisherBroyles; Over 25 years experience as patent attorney and strategist; both in-house and law firm experience; works with companies ranging from start-ups to publicly traded companies to develop and implement strategies for building patent portfolios that function as strategic business assets; experience with technologies that include AI, NLP, ML, SaaS, image and signal processing, wireless, messaging systems, sensor systems, robotics; technical background in Physics and applied Math; received masters in Physics from UC Berkeley and law degree (JD) from Harvard Law School