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End-to-End Open Source Data Science Workflow Using OmniSci and Nvidia RAPIDS


Learn how the OmniSci's open source GPU-Accelerated SQL engine fits into the overall Nvidia RAPIDS data science framework. In this session I will show you how to create this open source GPU analytics stack which includes deploying OmniSci analytics platform and RAPIDS libraries. We will learn to contruct an end-to-end data science pipeline completely in the GPU from ingesting data to running SQL queries, and passing the results of the query as a GPU dataframe (CuDF) for data manipulation and for feature engineering using machine learning libraries.


Veda Shankar is a Senior Developer Advocate at OmniSci working actively to assist the user community to take advantage of OmniSci’s open source analytics platform.  He is a customer oriented IT specialist with a unique combination of experience in product development, marketing and sales engineering.  Prior to OmniSci, Veda worked on various open source software defined data center products at Red Hat.