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Keynote Panel: Solving Business Problems with AI


AI and Supply Chain


Surya Pathak is an Associate Professor of Operations Management in the Business Program at University of Washington, Bothell. He received his PhD in interdisciplinary management of technology from Vanderbilt University in 2005. Prior to joining University of Washington, Bothell he has served as a research and technical lead at the Advanced Computing Center for Research and Education developing next generation network based data storage technologies, and as a Senior Research Associate in the Engineering Management Program and Systems and Decision Making group at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. He is currently conducting research in different areas related to supply chain management. His first and foremost interest is in investigating supply “networks” rather than “chains”, using complex adaptive systems and network theory. Particularly he is interested in, a) understanding the implications of considering a network based model on supply management decisions, taken under risk and uncertainty and, b) developing policy design frameworks that would aid policy makers and managers in making informed decisions. Dr. Pathak is deeply involved in using the network based view to explain sustainability related issues of supply networks. He recently was part of a multi-university research team that was awarded a National Science Foundation grant to study the link between technical networks, supply networks and environmental performance (one of the dimensions of sustainability). He is also interested in the application of emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning and blockchains for business problems. While Supply chain management is his primary focal area of research, Dr Pathak is very interested in using the Complexity theory and Network theory lens to understand diffusion of lean manufacturing practices in a supply chain, project management in large organizations, and understanding the interface between marketing, finance and operations. His methodological orientations include agent-based simulations and cellular automaton models on grid computing infrastructure along with mathematical modeling, robust and reliability-based design optimization, archival data analysis, and game theoretic modeling techniques. Recently Dr. Pathak has also used qualitative research methods and secondary data based empirical techniques to enhance the richness of his research investigations. He is a founding member of the Center for Supply Network Science at Arizona State University, at Tempe, Arizona. Dr. Pathak’s work has been published in the Production Operations Management, Journal of Operations Management, Decision Support Systems, Journal of Supply Chain Management, Decision Sciences, International Journal of Production Research, Nonlinear Dynamics Psychology and Life Sciences and IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. He frequently reviews research papers for the Journal of Operations Management, Decision Sciences, Production Operations Management, Journal of Supply Chain Management as well as the IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. Dr. Pathak serves on the editorial review board of Journal of Operations Management as well as Production Operations Management