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AI and Causality


While the industry has made many strides in the field of narrow AI, not enough effort has been focused on training machines to understand causality. This talk will explore some of the fundamentals of causal inference and how they can be applied to advance the state of current AI research.

Who is this presentation for?      
Students, practitioners and industry leaders involved in the innovation of AI based products in the industry
Prerequisite knowledge:               
Knowledge about ML and AI concepts will be helpful.
What you'll learn?                          
You will learn about the missing link in the current AI applications to thrust forward towards building strong AI solutions.


Soma Bhattacharya is a data scientist with expertise in causal modeling techniques. She currently leads a team of talented data scientists working on AI focused initiatives for Expedia’s customer service organization. Prior to joining Expedia, she also worked at Amazon, the World Bank and health policy research and is author of numerous publications.