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Artificial Intelligence in Business


Artificial Intelligence in Business

Who is this presentation for?
Business Leaders & Strategists Product Managers Marketing Executives Cloud Sales Account Managers Business Architects Customer Success Managers

Prerequisite knowledge:
Understand how technology is developed and implemented Bring a business challenge that you can work on

What you'll learn?
o Creating an AI Case For Change o Understand what AI can — and cannot — do for your organization o Evaluating & embracing Artificial Intelligence in business o Business use cases for AI o Data: What, where, collection and use o Privacy, ethics and bias o Policy, regulation and reporting o Availability of suitable infrastructure o Availability of AI tools and techniques o Human resource requirements o Summary and next steps o Learn more with MeylahLab


Shubham takes care of US One Commercial Partner Channel Go-to-market & Business Development Strategy for Data & Artificial Intelligence product line. He started his journey as an Evangelist with Microsoft and later moved to channel world to be part of the interesting growth story. Currently, he is responsible for go-to-market strategy, revenue scorecard management and solution selling to empower channel organization for Data & AI solution area. Before joining Microsoft, Shubham served as a co-founder and CEO of a customer service startup focused on Natural Language Processing and sold his solution to a leading bank in Asia. Later, he also co-founded Deliver5, a food tech startup which worked on sharing economy model. Passionate about technology and innovation, Shubham has built expertise in strategy, marketing, digital communications and enterprise technology.