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Intelligence driven sales



Human interaction is very crucial when it comes to building customer relationships. AI when applied in the right way, can make sales reps even more effective. Applying intelligence to customer experience requires tailored strategies designed around the needs of companies and their customers. We’ll explore relevant use cases that demonstrate how we can apply intelligence efficiently.

Key takeaways include :

  • Using technology to enhance rather than replace human interactions in building customer relationships.
  • Applying AI while keeping customer empathy in the forefront.


Shilpa Dhopate is an Engineering Director at American Express. In this role, she leads full stack engineering teams that focus on providing intelligent insights to customers by using machine learning and other AI techniques to build customer centric, innovative and sales and marketing solutions for the enterprise.

Shilpa has a unique combination of broad architectural experience mixed with hands on engineering skills.  She is sought out for her technical breadth and transformational leadership. Shilpa is a change agent, known for driving change in times of adversity while fostering collaboration. She mentors engineers, champions the diversity program, and supports the campus talent strategy programs.

Shilpa started her career in a tech start-up. Over the years, she has progressed her career, delivering strategic initiatives that span multiple domains and platforms, including, data and analytics, micro services, APIs.