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Speech Recognition at Microsoft


Speech Recognition at Microsoft

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Enthusiasts interested in speech recognition using AI.

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Sayan Pathak, Ph.D., is a Principal Machine Learning Scientist in Microsoft Cognition team currently working on speech recognition at Microsoft. He is the author of Deep Learning Explained, a free course available on EdX with over tens of thousands of students. He has researched, published, developed and successfully shipped products involving computer vision (in medical imaging, neuroinformatics, content filtering, robotic vision), natural language processing (in on-line advertising and social networks domain) and in speech recognition. Prior to joining Microsoft, he was one of the initial employees at the Allen Institute for Brain Science. He has been a consultant to several startups and principal investigator on several US National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants. He has been a faculty at the University of Washington for 15 years and is an affiliate professor in CSE at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India for over 6 years. He has taught several courses (namely Image Computing Systems, Information Retrieval, Social Networks, Machine Learning) at the undergraduate and graduate level.