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Anim8 - Circular Economy Intelligence for a Healthy Material World


Anim8 is a sustainability + AI focused startup which leverages data, ML, commerce, and take-back channels to build & accelerate circular economy adoption for luxury brands.


Sarah O’Sell is an award-winning innovator who believes in building businesses as communities. Her own network and vision for her startup, Anim8, centers around advancements in circular economy infrastructure. She is an ever curious, open mind, a steward of the future. With over 10 years cross-disciplinary entrepreneurial, technology, education, and design engineering leadership, she hosts the Women in 3D Printing Seattle meetup, advocates for a founding triad (Business x Technology x Design), and consults in branding, graphic/industrial design, marketing, hardware MVP prototyping, and systems/network strategy. ONLINE Portfolio: Instagram: @sarahosell