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AI / ML in Data Science Engineering & Operational Excellence


Advancements of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Operational Excellence and Retail Engineering 
 As the volume of monitoring data increases, these same Big Data trends also begin to
 apply in the context of Enterprise IT Monitoring. It refers to a multi-layered technology platform that automates and enhances IT operations.
AIOPS - Artificial Intelligence in IT Operations, we chose as our solution using AI and ML in which we build the algorithms based platform to predict issues before they impact, detect anomalies, apply AI towards RCA's, solve known issues and intelligently automate repetitive and mundane jobs.
 - we used for analytics and machine learning in order to analyze big data from various IT operation tools and devices. As a result, it is able to automatically spot and, more importantly, react to issues in real time.
 With the advent of cloud infrastructure,
 GPU - accelerated processing, and deep learning architectures, it is now commercially viable to capitalize on a new art of the possible, inspired by the next generation of automated systems (commonly referred to as machines, robots, bots, chatbots, autonomous
 systems, etc.). 
The advancements we have made through
 AI & ML are allowing us to scale the infrastructure and capacity predectively, accurately highlight these outliers by pinpointing the actual source and help detect anomolies proactively before they impact,
identify unexpected and potentially unauthorized and malicious traffic and activity within the infrastructure and much more.


Heading Kohls Engineering and Operations Excellence teams as a hands-on Engineering Director, in design, development and building cutting edge strategies for AI, Engineering Innovations and Operational excellence.