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Building trustworthy and effective production Machine Learning/Deep Learning workflows


Every day brings new and advanced AI development tools for everything from advanced algorithms in adaptive learning and neural networks to hardware optimized libraries for GPUs and TPUs. While this creates a fascinating array of technologies for developers to choose from, the primary concerns of business users are about whether the deployed ML is effective, safe, and trustworthy.
In this talk we describe the primary requirements for deploying trustworthy AI services in enterprise (including core elements such as explainability). We furthermore demonstrate real world use cases of going from data sets to practical insights using state of the art cloud enabled ML deployment toolchains such as Amazon SageMaker and other cloud based APIs.


Nisha Talagala is the CEO and founder of Pyxeda AI. Previously, Nisha co-founded ParallelM which pioneered the MLOps practice of managing machine learning in production. Nisha is a recognized leader in the operational machine learning space, having also driven the USENIX Operational ML Conference, the first industry/academic conference on production AI/ML. Nisha was previously a Fellow at SanDisk and Fellow/Lead Architect at Fusion-io, where she worked on innovation in non-volatile memory technologies and applications. Nisha has more than 20 years of expertise in software development, distributed systems, technical strategy and product leadership. She has worked as technology lead for server flash at Intel - where she led server platform non-volatile memory technology development, storage-memory convergence, and partnerships. Prior to Intel, Nisha was the CTO of Gear6, where she designed and built clustered computing caches for high performance I/O environments.  Nisha earned her PhD at UC Berkeley where she did research on clusters and distributed systems. Nisha holds 63 patents in distributed systems and software, is a frequent speaker at industry and academic events, and is a contributing writer to several online publications.