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AI is a Waste of Money


All AI is trained on the wrong thing. Academic AI focuses on accuracy, but businesses need impact. If the benefit of a correct prediction is 100x greater than the cost of a wrong one, you might be willing to take 99 wrong predictions to get a win. Is this accurate? Certainly not. Beneficial? Absolutely! Discover how Aible trains for Real business impact. Real cost-benefit tradeoffs. Real operational constraints. That’s what we mean by Real World AI.
Who is this presentation for?
CDO's, CMO's, CEO's, COO's, VP's of Marketing, VP's of Sales, VP's of Growth, Business Analysts, Business Users, Data Scientists.
Prerequisite knowledge:
What you'll learn?
The traditional approach to AI implementation has largely failed to broadly proliferate in production. There are several key reasons for this that will be discussed, along with a fresh approach to AI that falls into the category of AutoML.


Dylan is an Evangelist, leading initiatives in sales, marketing and business development, at Aible, an innovator in the AI segment. Aible brings Real World AI to the business user, driving immediate business impact while circumventing the current constraint of skilled data scientists in industry. Prior to Aible, Dylan was Head of Commercialization at Scaled Inference, an innovator in Artificial Intelligence, enabling customers to drive business growth by optimizing their customer's end user experiences. Previously, Dylan was VP of Business Development for Skytree, an innovator in automated, enterprise-grade machine learning software. Dylan developed Skytree’s global partnership program, engaging with leading technology innovators, solution integrators, and resellers from around the world. Dylan also developed Skytree’s international sales strategy, leveraging Skytree’s global partner ecosystem. Skytree was acquired by Infosys and became the Nia AI platform. Prior to Skytree, Dylan led venture capital investments as an Investment Director at Intel Capital, the corporation’s global venture capital organization. Prior to Intel Capital, Dylan was a process and metrology engineer within Intel’s Technology and Manufacturing organization, leading the development of processes and manufacturing equipment which then proliferated throughout Intel’s global fab network. Dylan earned a BS in mechanical engineering from Boston University and an MBA in finance from Columbia Business School. Dylan is a Kauffman Fellow, having participated in the Kauffman Fellows Program, a venture capital leadership development program that includes leaders of top venture firms worldwide.