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State of AI in Sales Conversation Analysis


Sales conversations are a source of incredible insights if mined correctly. This is the source of ground truths. Sales Call Analysis is expected to grow at a rate of 30% CAGR until 2022 and this session looks into the advancements in the space.

Who is this presentation for?
Business and architecture audience

Prerequisite knowledge:
basic understanding of sales and marketing

What you'll learn?
The state of the art in conversation analysis AI for sales.


Active practitioner of innovation. Curious learner taking small steps to make our world a better place for generations to come. PRACTICE AREAS • Technology: Machine Learning, Voice Technologies (Alexa Skills Kit, Sirikit, Microsoft LUIS, Rasa NLU), Cloud Computing(AWS, OpenStack and Azure), Infrastructure (compute, storage, networking), Application Development on Alexa, Windows, Android, and iOS. • Business: Sales, Product Management, Marketing, and Engineering. • Miscellaneous: Linguistics, Philosophy, Epistemology, Leadership, Mentoring, Innovation, Creativity, Problem Solving, User Experience and more.