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Keynote VC Panel: SRE from Investment perspective.


Keynote VC Panel: SRE from Investment perspective.


Suresh is a former GE ‘executive-turned-entrepreneur’who exemplifies a wide range of leadership, technology insights, and hands-on understanding of the process of commercializing innovations. At the core of his career, his passionis to build futuristic sustainable and profitable innovationecosystems.Recently, he co-authored“INDUSTRIALIZING INNOVATION – The Next Revolution”, a seminal business book published by Springer NATURE (2019). This work lays down an operational, financial and intellectual foundation for the future of venture capital, investments and innovation ecosystems.
In 2018, Mr. Sharma co-founded Open Range Capital Partners, an investment and advisory firm that helps create next generation innovation ecosystems in Tier II, Tier III cities, and in other underserved markets internationally. Though industry-independent, he especially looks for areas of digital transformation of any traditional industry. 
During the last6years, first as ‘Industry Fellow’ of Georgia Research Alliance (GRA), and then as‘Entrepreneur-In-Residence’ and an ‘Innovation Fellow’ at Georgia Institute of Technology, hehas closely worked with cutting-edge R&D teams to commercializeinnovations in Sensors, Analytics, AI, Nanomaterials, Energy, Electronics, Biotech and Biomedical areas.
Earlier, for over two decades: he led several gamechanging business initiativesin his tenures with General Electric Company (GE), and as an entrepreneur; he was President & CEO of four Startupscreating significant value in energy, power, healthcare, and M&A.He has served on the boards of public and privatecompanies, and a partner in VC/PE investment firms. 
He has advanced education degreesand professional training in business and engineering from USA, UK and India.