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Autonomous Application Management for DevOps and SRE


Introduce the audience to the idea of autonomous cloud application management. Modern cloud applications, with their growing scale and complexity, need newer methods to observe and manage. Automation + Smarts = Autonomous. Sedai is to cloud application management as Tesla is to cars. The talk will walk through 3 different challenges in managing microservices in cloud and discuss the opportunities to deploy autonomous systems based on AI and ML .
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Suresh is a computer programmer and entrepreneur, who is also the founder & CEO of Sedai, the Autonomous Cloud Management company. He has over 15 years of experience building autonomous cloud management and distributed systems at scale. As a technology leader, he is passionate about Application Management, Container Orchestration and Serverless technologies.Prior to Paypal, he's worked at eBay, Oracle and Nokia and has multiple publications and patents to his name in the field of infrastructure and distributed systems.