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How do we help enterprise to adopt SRE and DevSecOps practices?


Many enterprises have conducted their cloud modernization journey, but they soon faced challenges on how to stabilize, monitor, and troubleshoot issues in the new platform. We have solved those challenges by helping different enterprise clients to adopt SRE and DevSecOps practices. The following topics will be covered in the talk, including What is SRE and DevSecOps, Customer Pain Point, How to adopt it, Real Example and SRE Organization Chart. If you’re wondering about real-life examples of enterprise adoption, join us to learn more!
Who is this presentation for?
Developer, Platform Engineer, DevOps engineer, and Site Reliability Engineer who are interested in SRE and DevSecOps topic


Stanley is a Senior Architect with over7 years of experience in the industry and has successfully delivered multiple large-scale projects in different industries covering banking, accounting, supply chain, and aviation. He is specialized in Cloud Modernization, DevSecOps Establishment, and Site Reliability Engineering. He is now a Redhat, AWS, Azure, and IBM Certified Architect