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What are the common Anti Patterns of Site Reliability Engineering?


As digital disruption continues to affect every industry across the globe and the pace of change becomes faster and faster, organizations are faced with a perfect storm that is driving their need for digitization. Since the competitive landscape is evolving rapidly, businesses need technology more than ever to improve their capabilities. Site Reliability Engineering is the purest form of implementing Technical Transformation to enable Business Growth.
While organisations create a vision and implement SRE, there are clearly a few anti-patterns that have emerged across the Orgsanisations that provide the "Mirage" effect. Input goals and measures indicate that the transformation is heading on the right track, however business outcomes elude and precious resources get wasted away. Let's discuss some of the Site Reliability Engineering antipatterns and how we can avoid these traps.


Shivagami Gugan is a Technologist and Aviation Specialist with experience in transforming large teams. Having built Organisational strategies and led the Software Engineering and Infrastructure functions in a large mission-critical environment for a number of years, she is currently leading the transformation of companies to DevOps/SRE ways of working. She is a pragmatic Technology Transformation Leader who seeks to apply Reliability Engineering and Cloud Architecture in delivering business value and transforming business for long-standing growth and sustainability.