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Validating Configs from Code to Deployment in the GitOps World


With great power comes great responsibility. While GitOps empowers your engineering organization with greater ownership - it can also have the downsides of being dangerous, if not properly managed and configured, as ultimately every engineer can impact production. In this talk, we will go over some best practices when applying GitOps in your engineering organization, and ways to automate the validation of Infrastructure as Code config files, in order to build stability inherently into your GitOps practices.
Who is this presentation for?
SREs Production / Platform Engineers DevOps Cloud Ops
Prerequisite knowledge:
Cloud Native Environments Infrastructure as Code Kubernetes Containers
What you'll learn?
There's a lot of confusion about how GitOps works, some reservations regarding its restrictiveness at scale. This talk will demonstrate the right ways to apply GitOps to ensure safety without compromising velocity - that can be practically applied immediately.


Shimon established and managed the Software Engineering Infrastructure department for 400 engineers at ironSource. Also as an AWS Community Hero, Shimon runs the largest AWS user-group worldwide and an avid speaker at conferences. Today, Shimon is the CEO & Co-Founder at Datree, an automated policy enforcement solution for Kubernetes. It helps to prevent misconfigurations from code through production. Datree allows to seamlessly manage and enforce policies across Developers and DevOps engineers.