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Technology and Cultural Transformation using Site Reliability Engineering


Transformation is a constant. With evolving industry, transformation is just not technical but involves cultural transformation as well. We shall discuss about SRE ( Site Reliability Engineering ), how it can transform a service based or captive based set up, HOw do we measure the success for the same and how the measurements are not only KPI but improvement measurement. We shall also discuss about SRE tools which can be helpful in the area of visibility Engineering and how observability can be a boon especially when we mix data science into ways of working for SRE.


Director, Principal Architect,Cloud Transformation,SRE,DevOps,AIOPS,ITNEXT NEXT 100 CIO 2021 Winner, SRE leader of the year - DevOps India Summit 2021, Enterprise solution architect, Engineering Manager for strategic initiatives with a history of working in the information technology and services industry.SRE executioner.A professional who is interested in transforming operations into a developers job using SRE. cloud certified solution architect. Collating all the knowledge for next generation delivery of operations, migrations, application development and Infrastructure"