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SRE Guiding Principles & Transformational Framework


Numerous benefits for distributed systems are claimed by site reliability engineering (SRE). It transforms incident management, boosts reliability, and automates infrastructure more effectively. 
Focus of this session is on SRE Transformational Framework and Guiding principles for Adoption of SRE to Enterprise-scaled.



Senior Engineering Leader with a proven track record of conceptualizing, designing, and manufacturing cutting-edge products. Head of Reliability & Observability Engineering in modernizing, architecting, and implementing state-of-the-art high resiliency and observability solutions and infrastructure. Adept in attracting and retaining elite personnel in order to form high-performing teams and collaborate across many functions and geographies. Hands-on and multidisciplinary. A young learner with over 20 years of expertise in a variety of technical disciplines at both early-stage companies and large corporations. Excellent track record of building, leading and reforming globally distributed top SRE, Balanced Teams. Intelligent automation, AI/ML-driven prediction completely automated capacity management, zero-downtime deployment innovations, and infrastructure as code automation.