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Migration of a containerized legacy application to the cloud


A classic legacy desktop application is usually not designed to operate in the cloud, not even as a container. Nevertheless, you can’t refuse cloud adoption and the need for scaling your resources on demand - if you want to continue to be successful and open up new business areas.That’s why we took the plunge with our MS Windows-based monolith, whose development began more than two decades ago. The start of the changeover raised more questions than answers. • Which technology services are included in our technology stack? • What’s the current state of development? What are the long-term plans? • Who is the main driver regarding our efforts towards to cloud migration and scalability? • What about the obstacles we've faced? This is what we are trying to answer.
Who is this presentation for?
Software Engineers, Cloud/DevOps Engineers, Cloud Architects, Product Owner,
Prerequisite knowledge:
Basic Knowlegde about devOps/Cloud Engineering, Software Development
What you'll learn?
The participants gain knowledge about cloud migration approaches and pain points with regard to establish the corresponding microservices


DevOps Engineer, Blogger and Lecturer – loves to automate everything. His interest in DevOps came at an early age, while studying software development at the Technical University of Graz - in addition he contributed to a Free and Open Source Software non-profit project at that time. Since 2014, responsible for CICD/Cloud/Container/Kubernetes topics in his department. Runs his own blog about DevOps and gives lectures/workshops at international conferences