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Your first SRE


Software Engineering organizations focus primarily on delivering features and building a product. Once reached a critical size, teams start focusing more on reliability. That is when they come to the conclusion that they need SRE. Should they hire? Is there anybody in the company with the expertise? Let's talk about the needs, priorities, strategy and what SRE means for small groups compared to big companies.


Pablo is the Engineering Manager of Infrastructure at MasterClass. He has more than 20 years of experience in software and systems in teams from small startups to big companies like Facebook and Google. His passion is to make systems reliable and scalable with efficient motivated teams. Pablo has been part of Production Engineering at Facebook in the Traffic team responsible of the CDN and Load Balancers. He transitioned to Google as Manager of Third Party Databases SRE and later on, SRE Manager on Google Photos, before joining MasterClass to lead the Infrastructure team and build SRE@MC.