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Challenges in delivering value using SRE, DevSecOps and Value Stream Management and the New Ways of Working to solve it.


In this presentation I will be discussing the challenges faced today in a multi-vendor implementation and what needs to be done to implement the new ways of working with DevSecOps, SRE, Value Stream Management taking together.
Who is this presentation for?
CXOs, Directors, Sr. Management, Middle Management and anyone interested to be part of Digital Transformation.
Prerequisite knowledge:
Basic understanding of various frameworks and practices like Agile, DevOps, ITIL will be good.
What you'll learn?
Challenges today of imolementing the frameworks and practices and how to do it in a new way.


32+ years of IT experience, International Author, Speaker in various global events, chief organizer of DevOos India Summit and CEO of Xellentro India and Singapore.