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Operational visibility in distributed systems


In this session, we will cover approaches on how to gain operational visibility into production systems, and troubleshoot failures with software instrumentation. We will cover the approaches to instrumentation, some best practices, and some services you can use in AWS to achieve operational visibility in your systems. The following topics will be covered as the session progresses: - Why instrumentation is important - What to measure - Log best practices - High throughput services logging - Resources to learn more from

Who is this presentation for?
The audience will be either developers or DevOps practitioners who have deployed applications in production and are looking to learn best practices on operational visibility especially in distributed systems.

What you'll learn?
Attendees understand how to wade through the complexity of having operational visibility in distributed systems with best practices on how to achieve this.


Mohammed Fazalullah Qudrath is a Senior Developer Advocate at AWS for the MENA region. He is based in the UAE and educates and empowers developers on achieving cloud capabilities, allowing them to concentrate on interesting problems while AWS handles the heavy lifting. An architect and a technical evangelist at heart, he speaks on various trends in the technology space with the focus of building and scaling in the cloud in and around Asia. He has designed and built products for over 16 years in the enterprise and SME space, along with building engineering teams and helping them scale.