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SRE Drives Maturity Models


SRE is a really hot topic these days. Everyone wants an SRE team, but a dev team can’t just hand a system over to an SRE and hope everything works out. In the Red Hat SRES Group We do architectural reviews or prospective SRE supported services–or tenants. We consult with prospective tenants to help them understand their code chain of custody, capacity planning, risk assessment and management, disaster and failover planning and help them define SLO/SLI. In this session we will discuss the maturity models SRE can drive, and how this contributes to better code overall.
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SRE teams
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What you'll learn?
How to drive maturity Models.


Hilliary is an autodidact and start-up veteran who has frequently learned and applied technologies to get a job done. She’s had her hand in every part of the application delivery process, honing in her skills originally as a QE engineer. Hilliary is an IT polyglot able to talk the lingo of both the Operations and Development teams. She’s currently a Principal SRE at Red Hat, and she’s passionate about process, consistency in tooling, and scalability.