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DevOps culture


Everyone knows DevOps is great. Everyone wants it. Why is it so hard to get there? In theory, everything is understandable and straightforward. The second you begin to involve humans, things become, well, complex. This talk will explore real-life experiences where cultural or organizational obstacles blocked or helped reach good DevOps practices. There will be both successes and failures.
Who is this presentation for?
Persons who wish to listen to examples from real life on DevOps
Prerequisite knowledge:
A basic understanding of Agile, Flow, and Lean and real-life experience of technical debt and organizational stupidity is preferable but not necessary.
What you'll learn?
How the three ways, value streams, ToC and System thinking can be applied.


Fredrik Carleson, an agilist, philosopher-hobbyist, tabletop player, and software nerd, has helped deliver software for private companies, governmental and United Nations for the last twenty years in Europe and South-East Asia. Since childhood, his interest in games and philosophy, combined with various ways to deliver software, has begun to converge coherent thoughts of how it all fits together. Fredrik believes methods and frameworks come and go, but good ideas are eternal; we just change the names.