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Releasing apps faster with feature flags


This talk will demonstrate several ways that using feature flags can make releasing apps significantly faster and with greater reliability. We will contrast a "traditional" development process with one using feature flags to make the benefits plain.
Who is this presentation for?
Software engineers and PM's
Prerequisite knowledge:
Familiar with programming
What you'll learn?
A more visceral experience of how feature flags can improve one's development velocity and software quality. Note: I'm not a big data expert (indeed, my specialization is front end technologies). However, I'm sure the techniques I'm presenting would be relevant to big data concerns as well. I'd be open to suggestions for retooling my demonstrations to make it more relevant)


David Burrowes is a software engineer at with a decade of experience developing web applications for companies like Box, Delphix, and VMware. Having worked without feature flags, and with clunky in-house feature flagging frameworks, David is deliriously happy to have all of Split's capabilities at his disposal for every project. For fun, and to prove he’s more Star Trek than Star Wars, David likes to randomly quote large sections for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.