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How to ruin your product by using Agile as an excuse not to plan


At its core, Agile is known for encouraging continuous development and testing in pursuit of incrementally deliverable code. The problem, is that this approach tends to concentrate on near-term deliverables, often at the expense of longer-term vision. It takes care and consideration to ensure you don't overindex on the near-term, and adequately plan for things like architecture, scalability, operability, reliability, and the like, which are difficult to fix later.
Who is this presentation for?
developers, product managers, devops, technical program managers, SRE
Prerequisite knowledge:
Very basic familiarity with Agile development methods is helpful but not absolutely required
What you'll learn?
How to incorporate planning into Agile development, ensuring that you're not so heads-down on the next sprint's deliverables to safeguard your product's long term future.


A former organic chemist who quickly fell into the tech world and has been there ever since. Ex-Microsoft, Ex-Amazon, he's worked on some of the world's largest online services as an SRE and TPM and brings a wealth of experience in building and operating high scalability, high reliability online services.