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The fairy tales about API deployments


The industry presents us in terms of API management solutions with a hard trial, and always promises holistic ("full lifecycle") solutions. But an important component for a successful API, in the sense of fast and high-quality time-to-market, is often left out and usually dismissed with a simple sentence such as: "We'll take care of that via a CI/CD pipeline". In this presentation, I would like to show what infrastructure is needed to send APIs that meet the respective guidelines of a company on their way to rapid deployment, supported by CI/CD pipelines with a certain degree of automation. In order to create a certain value for the company.
Who is this presentation for?
Developer, Architects
Prerequisite knowledge:
What you'll learn?
- What are the advantages of API first? - How do you build a functioning CI/CD pipeline for APIs? - What challenges can there be and how do you solve them?


Daniel has been part of the codecentric team since October 2016. Since the beginning of 2022 as Senior Solution Architect at the Dortmund location. Starting as a consultant with a focus on application lifecycle management, his focus shifted more and more towards APIs. In addition to numerous customer projects and his involvement in the open source world around APIs, he is also a frequent speaker as Head of API Experience & Operations.