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Minimum Viable Continuous Delivery


The book Accelerate states, “Continuous delivery improves both delivery performance and quality, and also helps improve culture and reduce burnout and deployment pain.” Those of us who work this way know this is true and that CD is a powerful tool for organizational improvement. However, only if we are really doing continuous delivery. Many do not understand the practices required to see these outcomes, are not seeing these benefits, and are often harming outcomes. We want to help fix this. This talk will cover the anti-patterns are witnessing when teams and organizations use incorrect definitions of CD and how those hurt outcomes. At the 2021 DevOps Enterprise Summit, we shared beer and frustration over the constant pain we are witnessing. We formed a cross-industry group to try to help codify the minimum set of problems that need to be solved to see the benefits of continuous delivery so everyone can live better lives. We will be discussing examples of those problems, how solving them improves your organization, and the ongoing community goals of the project.
Who is this presentation for?
Everyone who is interested in delivering software better.
Prerequisite knowledge:
What you'll learn?
The problems to solve to deliver better value with less drama.


I have over two decades of experience delivering and supporting mission-critical supply chain solutions for very large enterprises. I'm the founder and former lead for the Walmart DevOps Dojo with hands-on experience both executing continuous delivery for production systems and helping other organizations find and remove the constraints that prevent a CD workflow. I'm a co-author of "Modern Cybersecurity: Tales from the Near-Distant Future", author of the 5-Minute DevOps blog on Medium, and a frequent speaker on all topics related to improving the flow of software delivery.