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Break up Monoliths and lay them to REST!


Continuously delivering products requires agile teams able to blend Dev, QA & OPS, which leads to a DevOps organization. To move in that path developers and operation teams should build the underlying infrastructure, DevOps pipelines and weave and interface them through a good API platform. The key to breaking up Monoliths to microservices drives design and architecture to build contracts and processes across these applications. The talk focuses on what are the core priciples of breaking down applications and how API's play a key role in this. The talk also focuses on some of the strategies expressed by Martin Fowler and how it aids moving to DevOps Strategies used for microservices and how API's help in each of these to move to DevOps: - Minimize Dependency on the Monolith. - Decouple Capability and not Code. - Go Macro First, then Micro. APIs enable automation, drive consistency, efficiency, and cost-savings. Using APIs in application development can help organizations gain more value from DevOps since APIs can be extensively reused and consumed. This can free up future resources, enabling consistency and innovation. API strategy can also help companies to move to be cloud-native, drive the DevOps pipeline and solve legacy system problems though 'everything as code' mindset.
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Anyone in Tech
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Key Takeaways on API's help in this transition: How to use APIs to break Monoliths to microservices Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and GitOps Enabling to move to the cloud and hyper automation Automate reporting Enabling and scaling operations


Arun is a Cloud and DevOps evangelist, currently in the role of 'Director Engineering' at Amadeus Labs, helping the company transform development processes and bringing in cultural changes for Agile, Cloud, OpenSource and DevOps adoption. Arun began his career with Infosys in a Banking product group, before taking on engineering and project management roles at retail giants, WalMart and Tesco. Armed with 18 years of experience, he is as comfortable talking technology with a developer, as he is in managing stakeholder & leadership expectations at large enterprises. His expertise spans across multiple functions of software development in the retail and banking domains. He hails from Bangalore, India where he has lived and worked most so far. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree, and an Alumni of INSEAD school of Business - France.