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From Start-up to Fortune 500: Building a Lean Multi-Cloud Solution


The success of Public Cloud is not questionable. It enables companies to accelerate their product development velocity and their time to market with low operational frictions. Many vendors have tried to tap this market with various Private Cloud solutions, with questionable success. In this case study, we will cover the true story of a small start-up, TubeMogul, becoming big, to build the foundations of the Adobe Advertising Cloud. Thru its cloud journey, the operation engineering team focus remained consistent: deliver a cost effective and stable infrastructure. The challenge of scaling thru hyper-growth is real, serving hundredths of billions HTTP requests a day, with large volume of data flowing, and low latency required. Beyond the multi-cloud discussion, our team approaches the challenge as part of their global infrastructure automation effort. After going thru many TCO analysis, research and development efforts, the team delivered a final, but always evolving, implementation of a multi-cloud solution on top of a mix of Public Cloud services and Private Cloud solutions, based on OpenStack, with Public Cloud bursting capabilities. This talk will challenge your cloud strategy by exposing how TubeMogul, now the Adobe Advertising Cloud, moved part of its critical workload back from Public Cloud to an in-house, opinionated framework, based on a hybrid of bare metal and OpenStack, with a large touch of automation.


Nicolas Brousse, manage and scale the Adobe(NASDAQ: ADBE) Advertising Cloud Infrastructure. Formerly Sr. Director of Operations Engineering at TubeMogul(NASDAQ: TUBE) and the company's sixth employee, Nicolas has grown TubeMogul's infrastructure over the past decade from several machines to few thousands servers that handle hundreds of billions of requests per day for clients like Allstate, Chrysler, Heineken and Adept at adapting quickly to ongoing business needs and constraints, Nicolas leads a global team of site reliability engineers and database architects that monitor Adobe Advertising Cloud infrastructure 24/7 and adhere to "DevOps" methodology. Nicolas is a frequent speaker at top U.S. technology conferences and regularly gives advice to other operations engineers. Prior to relocating to the U.S. and join Adobe/TubeMogul, Nicolas worked in technology for over 15 years, managing heavy traffic and large user databases for companies like MultiMania, Lycos and Kewego.