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Developing predictive intelligence on emotional connection to build and activate sustainable growth strategies


In today’s era of big data and predictive analytics, companies are starting to take a more scientific approach. Companies have been using big data to spot trends and derive information like who is buying what, where, and under what circumstances. Brand awareness and customer satisfaction have become short-lived and commoditized. But we’ve always known that consumers are fundamentally motivated by their emotions. This talk will emphasize quantitative work behind identifying actionable emotions.


Dave Cameron is Vice President of Analytics at Motista; Motista’s predictive intelligence enables business leaders to accelerate growth by activating Emotional Connection. Dave brings over 20 years of leadership experience in data analysis, holding key positions at Nielsen, Merkle and Ameritech. Prior to joining Motista, he served as Vice President of Data Science at Nielsen, where he championed a data-driven culture and led a team of data analysts that focused on advancing analytics to drive marketing strategies across all channels.