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Cassandra Workshop


Cassandra Scope & Topics (with Hands-on exercises):
·         Cassandra cluster architecture and features
·         Create, install, and configure a Cassandra cluster
·         Use tools to monitor cluster availability and performance
·         Export data into different data formats
·         Use primary index and secondary indexes correctly to perform queries on data
·         Backup and restore data to secure the system in the event of failure
·         Tune the performance of Java Virtual Machine (JVM), caches, and compaction
·         Conduct a stress test on a Cassandra cluster and interpret the performance results
·         Scale in and out of a Cassandra cluster
·         Logging and Log Rotation
·         The CLI Monitoring Tool
·         The GUI Monitoring Tool
·         Garbage Collection
·         System-Level Monitoring
Data Management
·         Loading Bulk Data
·         JSON Format Import and Export
·         COPY and CQL Command
·         Primary Indexes
·         Secondary Indexes
Backup and recovery
·         Backup and Recovery Concepts
·         Snapshotting
·         Incremental Backup
·         Commitlog
·         Restore Methods
Performance Management
·         Storage Strategies and OS Tuning
·         JVM Tuning
·         Caching Strategies
·         Compaction and Compression
·         Stress Testing


Tim Fox is an experienced Big Data and Data Analytics Consultant, Developer, Architect, and Trainer, with extensive experience in Hadoop, Cassandra, R, Spark, and related technologies. Tim has performed Big Data and Data Science Consulting and Architecture for a wide variety of clients as a consultant on three different continents, including Big Banks, Financial Companies, Large Medical Data Companies, Credit Reporting Agencies, and International Media Companies. With 15 years of Software Development experience, Tim brings a rich background of software engineering and system architecture to apply to Big Data and Data Science problems.