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MongoDB Workshop


MongoDB Workshop Modules

  • MongoDB principals : (Document, BSON, Db, Collections, capped collection, Flexible model, Datatypes, Storage Engine, minimal footprint install)
  • CRUD : (Using the Mongo shell, Basic manipulation, concurrency, key update, upsert, set and unary ops, match-query, cursors)
  • Indexing : (indexes, index types, compound, order, query-plan, optimization)
  • Configuration : (Configuration choices, CLI and config files, basic authentication, authorization, roles)
  • Aggregation : (Aggregation framework, pipeline architecture, key stages, key operators, pipeline optimization)
  • Replica Sets : (Replica set concepts, the oplog, quorum, node-roles, failover, durability, availability, chaining, read concerns, write concerns, journal)
  • Sharding : (Sharded clusters, auto-sharding , shards, chunks, shard-key choice rules, scatter, locality, scale-out, chunk migration)
  • Ecosystem & Tools : (Atlas, UI, Cloud/Ops manager, Kubernetes, Stitch, Realm, Charts, Data Lake, engine editions, drivers)
  • Transactions : (Transaction scope, session, causality, read-consistency, commit, rollback)
  • Tools and Monitoring : (Stats, top, server info, logging, key metrics, troubleshooting)


Nuri Halperin consults, develops, and teaches software development with passion. He designs and builds systems, websites and line of business applications. He has been getting things done for a variety clients small and large. From founding CTO of to international e-commerce multilingual websites, to social photo sharing - he's been working to meld new ideas and techniques with solid engineering know-how. He is an author for, and provides hands on training for companies and individuals. He is a frequent speaker at tech events. He enjoys interacting with developers and helping people reach that "Aha!" moment. Nuri is the inaugural recipient of MongoDB's William Zola Outstanding Contributor Award, and a Mongo Master.