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Welcome to the Metaverse!


Since last December I have been doing alot in the Metaverse space using AltspaceVR with fellow MVP Christian Glessner. In December we were able to get Deutsche Bank and their world wide team into the Metaverse with AltspaceVR, getting them together celebrating christmas - Building on this we jumped into the Party Scene - As you probably know due COVID the Night-life, Clubs and Partys are mostly shutted down - Here we came with the Idea first hosting New Years Eve Party in the Metaverse - getting people together, cheering virtual Cocktails, enjoying live DJ Music and playful activities. These motivated us to support Worldwide Tech Conferences like Austrian Developer Community Day and Teams Nation to have an "after party" in the Metaverse with AltspaceVR.


Greetings from Berlin! Zaid Zaim, is 21 years old, from Syria. he came to Germany in 2013 due to the war in his country. Today, as an Alumni of ReDI School Digital integration (NGO supporting refugees learning quality tech skills) and Microsoft MVP for Mixed Reality, Zaid brings Cultural Heritage of destroyed sites like the UNESCO city of Palmyra in Syria back to life with modern technology - He leads and engages with diverse world wide Tech communities and Evangelizes for Mixed Reality Zaid loves joining Hackathons and bring projects life, he enjoys going to meetups and connecting with others <3 in the Metaverse. He leads the Unity Berlin user group bringing people from diverse backgrounds talking about tech. He Works at Hololux and drives Metaverse activities supporting customers and clients on their Metaverse Journey.