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The Metaverse According to Bubiko Foodtour


Created in 2015, Bubiko Foodtour has been a trailblazer, gathering knowledge and experience with AR, VR, NFTs, POAPs and other metaverse-related concepts. Bubiko's experiences with intersections of food, art and technology have resulted in unique data sets, networks and experiences. This presentation encapsulates this information and suggests roadmaps for opportunities.
Who is this presentation for?
Those interested in firsthand knowledge about the "metaverse", as well as anyone interested in the intersection of food, art and technology

What you'll learn?
Insights, challenges and opportunities related to AR, VR, NFTs, POAPs and more.


Building upon successful careers as an artist, a bestselling author and a producer (Cartoon Network, Fox, Fuji TV) Stephen Black has been at the forefront of GeoPose-basd AR since 2015.