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Redefining Reality: Understanding digital reality and the new trajectory of technology


As the world embarks on the next big tech era of digital reality, virtual worlds will fundamentally change how people invent, buy, live and work. To capitalize on this massive technology wave, companies must identify new ways to inhabit and activate these new environs and craft experiences that let their brands traverse digital bridges between the physical and virtual worlds. This talk will explore (1) the different areas of digital reality and the role each will play in the Web 3.0 ecosystem; (2) how innovative companies can work with these new technologies to realize both business value and efficiency; and (3) what the future professional and client environment will look like to develop and test the next wave of breakthrough capabilities.


Scott is the Head of UX Strategy in Deloitte’s Analytics and Cognitive practice, overseeing the work of 46 designers of AI and analytics solutions. He also serves as the Head of Dimension10 studios, an innovation space where Deloitte professionals and clients can develop and test break-through capabilities that leverage virtual worlds powered by enabling technologies. In these roles, Scott helps Deloitte's clients create analytics experience solutions that transform raw data into actionable insights for teams across the enterprise functional spectrum. With over 20 years of experience designing and developing human-centered solutions, Scott has worked across a range of industries including some of the world’s largest organizations. His recent experience solutions include a native-mobile platform for surfacing executive insights, a responsive mobile web-platform for connecting remote wellness clients and coaches, web and customizable-off-the-shelf applications for supply chain analytics solutions, and numerous user experience strategy engagements. He received his Master’s Degree and Doctorate from Harvard University in 2003 and 2010, and holds Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University (2001).