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Run, Classroom: Barriers to Equitable Education, What Classrooms Need, & the Role of Digital Literacy


The challenges of equitable education persist in the 21st Century. Gaps in educational opportunity not only persist but are increasing as barriers relating to affordable internet access, the availability of relevant, rapidly advancing mobile computing technology –in both school and home settings– and how it relates to ongoing application and platform updating. School administrators and teachers in the United States are operating undering increasing pressures relating to inequitable funding structures, decreased staff, burnout, and a lack of meaningful professional development opportunities all in the face of radical change to what students need to be prepared for adulthood. The list of the barriers that schools face is indeed overwhelming. It is more important than ever to know what school administrators, teachers ,and their students need – and do not need – when entering into this space with a potential product. This talks will contextualize these barriers and provide guidance to how developers can be good, effective actors in partnership with schools.
Who is this presentation for?
Tech companies interested in entering the education space
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What you'll learn?
The educator's perspective on what is needed to provide an sustainable education space


Dr. Kemper’s research is concerned with the intersections of urban studies, technology, and cultural sites. She is a researcher at the COSI Science Museum and co-founder of the Latino & Latina Engineering Graduate Student Association in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Kemper has taken courses at Columbia University and Ohio State University, holding degrees in City Planning, Architecture, and Psychology. Her work has been featured within The Royal Society, Journal of Urban Affairs, Columbus and Dayton African American News Journal, and Technological Horizons in Education.