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Virtual Beings for Metaverse and Autonomous Shopping


Virtual Beings automate communication and bring back "human-touch" to customer experience in both Metaverse and in physical locations like autonomous Shops, Hotels, and Public Offices. Learn what is needed for virtual being creation, how to transform your chatbot into one using Virbe platform, and how to integrate it into existing apps and games using Virbe SDKs for Web, Unity, and Unreal Engine MetaHumans.
Who is this presentation for?
Both: - C-Level Decision Makers - Creators: Developers & Designers interested in Avatars, Chatbots and/or Metaverse
Prerequisite knowledge:
General Understanding of Chatbots/ConversationalAI and Game Engines
What you'll learn?
What makes a great Virtual Being experience and how to make one?


Founder & CEO at Virbe - Virtual Beings for Metaverse and Autonomous Shopping. Chris used to work as a Product Manager and Software Engineer with expertise in emerging technologies: ML, including Conversational AI and Computer Vision, VR and AR. In the past, he has been helping other businesses embrace emerging technologies and adapt their business strategies accordingly.