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Keynote Panel: Metaverse from Investment perspective


Keynote Panel: Metaverse from Investment perspective


Kristina Serafim is a Managing Director at Verizon Ventures, focusing on early stage investments. Kristina’s areas of investment focus are data management, infrastructure, AI/ML, SaaS, 5G and the future of connectivity, immersive tech and the metaverse. Some of her recent investments include FCF, a next-gen sports and metaverse platform, YBVR, an XR video distribution platform for live events; Neural Magic, an AI inference and deep learning engine, and TileDB, a universal database technology. Kristina has been both an investment and product lead. She started out at Verizon as a product lead on Verizon's Big Data and Artificial Intelligence team. Prior to Verizon, she was a Managing Director at Intellectual Ventures, where she oversaw investments in ML/AI, SaaS, and gaming technologies. She has electrical and mechanical engineering degree from Kettering University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.