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The Realities of Augmented Reality Display and Optics Hardware


Peoples expectations for what AR display and optics should deliver are far out of line with what hardware can deliver. And it is not just in one area but in over 20 areas need to be made. If a company makes a breakthrough in one area, then there are still over 20 major breakthroughs required. The technology has progress far enough for AR that it can provide value in various applications. But the vast consumer market on the order of of the size of smartphones is more fantasy than reality.

Prerequisite knowledge:
Basic technical knowledge
What you'll learn?
The challenges that are being faced in displays and optics for both he big and small AR hardware companies


Karl Guttag has 43 years of experience in display devices (LCOS and DLP) and systems, including heads-up displays (HUD), AR and VR headsets, graphics processors, and peripherals. Since 2011, he has published the display device and head-mounted display technical blog KGOnTech ( KGOnTech is a leading source of technical information on microdisplays, AR, VR, and heads-up displays (HUD). The blog's followers include technical people and executives from all the major AR and VR systems and component companies. Over 20,000 unique users a month (based on Google Analytics) read the blog. From 1977 to 1998, he worked as an IC architect for Texas Instruments, becoming the youngest TI Fellow (1988) in the company's history, working primarily in video and graphics devices. He left TI in 1998 to become the CTO of Silicon Display, an early AR startup using LCOS. From 2004 through 2011, he co-founded and was CTO of LCOS microdisplay startup Syndiant, which developed AR headsets and large and small projectors devices. From 2013 through 2015, he was the co-founder and CTO at Navdy, a startup working on automotive heads-up displays. He currently works for RAVN, a startup, as Chief Science Officer working on integrated systems for military and first responder applications. He has also served as a technical expert in about 15 patent litigation cases. Education: Bradley University, BSEE, 1976; The University of Michigan, MSEE, 1977 Relevant Publications: He is a named inventor on 150 U.S. patents related to graphics, display devices, and display systems. His blog, KGOnTech, has a monthly readership exceeding 20,000 per month.