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Impact of 5G on IoT and Metaverse


With the advent of 5G, new use cases will be unlocked with respect to IoT and Metaverse. For the metaverse to function, large amount of data needs to be processed instantly with lower costs. This large amount of data might not be possible to compute on Cloud and therefore, distributed or edge computing needs to be leveraged. With distributed computing, teams have to develop a data strategy to plan for where and how the data needs to be processed.
Who is this presentation for?
Product Managers, Data Analysts and Data Scientists, etc.
Prerequisite knowledge:
Knowledge of 5G and edge computing
What you'll learn?
- 5G unlocks new use cases in IoT, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality - Challenges arise with large amount of data produced with IoT devices - Importance of Edge Computing and Distributing to adapt to Metaverse


Harish Srigiriraju is a Principal Engineer at Verizon. He has expertise in leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning to improve software products. He has led several cross-functional projects to draw insights on user behavior and develop new features with help of various analytics tools and models. He has prior experience in software programming and graduated from Kellogg School of Management with an MBA.