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Bringing the Metaverse to life with avatar-driven experiences.


New Metaverses will need populating with avatars that are both real and virtual to make them successful. This session will explore how AI technology such as GPT-3 can be harnessed to automate the population of Metaverses with diverse, engaging and relevant avatars. The session will deep-dive into examples such as The Shining in Ready Player One to predict which technologies and strategies will be needed to engage users in a persistent 3D Metaverse. In addition, the session will outline opportunities that are emerging in the worlds of Virtual Production and Video Games that could accelerate Metaverse adoption, and will give specific examples of how this pipeline can be adopted in Metaverse-related businesses.
Who is this presentation for?
This presentation is aimed at C-level executives defining strategies for the Metaverse. It will cover complex technologies from a business standpoint, explaining their benefits in non-technical language.
Prerequisite knowledge:
Awareness of Artificial Intelligence strategies, Metaverse platforms.
What you'll learn?
You will gain insights into Metaverse platforms, Avatar creation options, and what is needed to extend businesses and brands into the Metaverses. The session will provide a landscape of different technologies and the state-of-the art in Metaverse engagement and Avatar design, and how these can be combined in relevant ways.


Guy Gadney is CEO of Charisma Entertainment, whose vision is to power every NPC and character in the Metaverse, using advanced Machine Learning and creative Artificial Intelligence. He has worked on award-winning interactive entertainment products and technologies for global media organizations and has produced Emmy and BAFTA nominated products for drama and factual television series, producing MMOs, narrative games and immersive experiences invirtual worlds. With Charisma, Guy is transforming interactive entertainment through the use of advanced technology, producing projects for Warner Bros, Sky, the BBC and inspiring a new generation of game designers and developers to pioneer new forms of entertainment using Artificial Intelligence.