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5 things to know for Metaverse adoption


Over the past 1 year, we have seen exponential increase on all things related to Metaverse. But, if you talk to different people on what Metaverse means and how do you got about using it, you will get differing perspectives. In this talk I attempt to answer 5 questions that businesses and technologists have around metaverse 1. What constitutes Metaverse 2. Why should I consider Metaverse 3. Where do I start the journey 4. Which technologies do I invest in 5. Who do I need on my team
Who is this presentation for?
For technical and business teams embarking on moving their current landscape to metaverse journey
Prerequisite knowledge:
Basics around metaverse
What you'll learn?
1. What to look out for when you want to start metaverse adoption 2. Typical options to consider


I have over 20+ years of industry experience across progressive roles in IT Services working with across geographies with Fortune 100 clients. In my current role, I head the strategy and transformation practice for Global Technology Office at LTI to drive adoption of Metaverse as well as Agile/DevOps. I believe in peer-peer learning and am a regular speaker at industry forums and events. I am a co-author of the book "Adapting to Industry Infinity" and was also recognized as one of the Top 10 Women Leaders in India 2021.