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What does Success Mean in the Music Metaverse (And How to Measure It)


This talk is a window into the future of entertainment in Web 3 with a focus on the music metaverse and data insights for the music industry . We’ll cover everything from what is the metaverse, who are the various stakeholders in the music industry, how value is created, the type of data that can be collected, and how to measure success. Prior to the pandemic the music industry might have asked why we’d ever want virtual concerts, but what we can learn from the last couple of years, especially from in-game concerts, shows that digital habits and the way fandom has evolved online with the popularization of NFTs and digital goods is here to stay. This session will be interactive, and will be followed by a Q&A.
Who is this presentation for?
Brands, entertainment specialists, gaming industry, music industry, creatives, data analytics providers
Prerequisite knowledge:
This talk is suitable for beginners and pros.
What you'll learn?
You’ll learn about the music metaverse, the stakeholders, the role of big data in the music industry pre-and-post virtual concerts. We’ll also talk about the importance of organic music discovery, closing the value gap for artists, and where this is all going.


Anne is cofounder and COO of music metaverse Ristband. As an operations expert, marketing consultant and strategist she supports startups through growth and acquisition. As a journalist, Anne covers the cutting edge of developments across the metaverse and entertainment, with access to top talent and industry leaders. Anne is a contributor to Forbes writer Charlie Fink’s book “Convergence” on 5G and AR. She is a sought after influencer, hosting global conference sessions and seminars across gaming & esports, startups, music, and tech.