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Fashion in the Metaverse


Digital humans enable purpose and play for social content, embodiment & persistence across mini-verses GenZ blurs IRL, online and Social. Doesn't focus on fidelity and embraces escapes and lack of realism. GenZ feels liberated by the power to achieve and express more than their physical limitations. Not afraid to experiment with tech and pushing the envelope with social constraints, gender norms and physical limitations
Who is this presentation for?
Brands, Consumers, Tech Enthusiasts
Prerequisite knowledge:
Basic Concepts in 3D, Augmented and Virtual Reality
What you'll learn?
Metaverse, Spatial Computing


Founder & CEO of Spatial Digital Social Inc, Camarillo, California. Current focus: SPATIAL computing for DIGITAL humans. One of the few neophytes of the Metaverse whose view is contrarian to many a futurist that the Metaverse will only persist in 3d. Aditya truly believes the Metaverse is ALREADY HERE as multiple immersive experiences that will eventually connect seamlessly across 3 dimensions: 1) Authentication (login) and 2) Embodiment (identity) and 3) Experiences (2d, 3d and audio and perhaps olfactory too. ) His meta-Avatar vision encompasses the blending of the worlds of purpose (commerce, communication) and play (gaming and expression). As the metaverse evolves, our membership and interface will be driven by DIGITAL humans (and non humans) to express identity and creativity. These digital humans will not be limited by physical constraints nor social constructs that bind us down today. Today a 2D photograph ties the human-readable and machine-readable and real worlds. But, it is not impossible to think that we may soon be able to fill a government application with a non-human digital persona as an identification as long as it is non fungible and its token is cryptographically signed and on a distributed ledger. Presenting YOLOgram - YOUR Hologram: a democratised DIGITAL human that will port into SPATIAL realities & will serve as a canvas for purpose and play. Through Yolograms, SPATIAL DIGITAL aims to augment spatial content & commerce on digital humans. Aditya believes that the Direct to Avatar phenomenon will eventually roll out. His vision of digital fashion rests on the convergence of 3D fashion and digital humans immersed across spatial realities. He believes it is the responsibility of 3D pioneers and digital transformation architects in fashion to achieve sustainable goals across the both the production value chain as well as consumer engagement paradigms. Aditya's a serial entrepreneur backed by successful exits over two decades, proficient in consulting, design thinking and strategy. At Acuis, he led a mobility & cloud (SaaS) defining many firsts for Asian Healthcare paving the vision for interoperable best of breed medical apps with standardised interfaces. He led GTM & sales execution of acuVena attaining 100% YoY growth. Aditya received his BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of California, Irvine. He has completed several professional development programs from institutions like Harvard University, IIM Ahmedabad, & the ISB Hyderabad.