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Blockchain and IOT security [Co-speaker: Madjid Nakhjiri]


Security for IOT has many aspects from hardware and software security to connectivity and cloud security. Defense in depth involves securing the boot image and kernel, provisioning cryptographic credentials in the factory or in the field, providing execution environment for sensitive processes, providing secure connectivity, providing security for data both in device and in cloud through both storage and access control. When things go wrong or changes are required software updates need to be delivered and installed securely in the device. All the above require establishment of a trust ecosystem and must be done at low cost and with high scalability. This talk will go through some of these challenges and also explores the use of blockchain and for providing secure and scalable solutions for some of the challenges.


Michael is the CTO of NuCypher, company working on encryption for distributed systems. Before founding NuCypher, he graduated Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, did a PhD in Physics of Ultracold Atoms and worked on infrastructure tools in LinkedIn.